Making life easier for our customer

A team of professionals on call, waiting to ensure that your home is maintained to the highest standard. Plumbing, wiring, carpentry…you name it and we will set it right. We believe in providing care after the sale, hence the name ‘Home Care Division’.

The Mantri Home Care Division also assists you in renting out your homes to blue chip clients.

Only Mantri offers 84% Carpet Area.

Carpet area means the actual usable area inside the apartment (from wall to wall), including the areas of balconies, toilets and utility areas.
Compare this and you will realize that at Mantri, you truly get value for money.

The first property development Company to acquire an ISO 9001 certification.

The first Company to offer homes on Carpet area. Pay for what you get is the essence and a fair international practice implemented in India.
One of the first Companies to complete 352 homes in a record of 17 months, 1 month ahead of the commitment of delivery made to clients – a unique happening in the industry.

As an extension to Customer commitment, the first Developer Company from Bangalore to open an office in Dubai.
The first Company to facilitate and encourage modifications by bringing the concept under one roof – A showroom which show cases all modifications and up gradation possible.
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