• Are the titles of all Mantri Projects clear?
Yes, we do not launch any project unless it is legally clear.

• Does the Mantri Group facilitate customization of our apartment?
Yes, subject to technical feasibility.

• Does the Mantri Group help in renting out the apartment we buy from them?
Yes, we have a Home Care division which takes care of this process.

• Can the Mantri Group substantiate its stand on 84.5% carpet area?
Yes, it can surely be done.

• Are the payment terms of Mantri Group linked to progress?
Yes, it is.

• Are prices at Mantri Group subject to escalation?
No, Once the initial booking amount is paid, the price is firm.

• When can one sign the contract of purchase after paying the initial amount?
We can sign the agreement the very same day the payment of the initial amount is made.

• What is the maximum amount of loan we get from banks?
We get a maximum of 85% of the total cost i.e. including car park, registration and other costs.

• Has the Mantri Group delayed its delivery schedule of any projects?
No, The Group has a proven track record of delivering on time.